Roof snow removal



At Zander Construction Inc., we’re used to New York winters. We know they can bring a lot of snow, which can cause roofs to weaken, leak or even collapse. We don’t want our customers to worry about the impacts of heavy snow or the dangerous snow or ice dam removal process. Our experts can safely remove snow and ice from your roof as needed, all winter long!

Invest in Safe, Professional Snow Removal Services

The consequences of ice dams and snow build-up can be costly and dangerous, but Zander Construction Inc. provides efficient snow removal services to keep you safe. Our experienced team can routinely visit your home throughout the winter and efficiently remove snow and ice build-up from your roof. We’re trained to get the job done right without putting ourselves or your roof in danger. We would never want someone to be injured while trying to remove ice and snow, so let our experts take care of your snow removal needs.

Avoid the Damaging Effects of Ice Dams

A common winter roofing issue is the formation of ice dams, which are ridges of ice that form along a roof’s edge and prevent snowmelt from properly draining off. Ice dams cause water to pool on your roof and make it much more susceptible to leaks. Too much snow build-up on your roof can also lead to an excessive amount of weight, which can cause significant structural damage and even a roof collapse.